28 February 2012

7th Sea: What to do, if faced with the inquisition

So, there we were running into eight henchmen of the inquisition abducting our "recommendation letter". Not to lose any time, we engaged them immediately.

Taigh drew his claymore and rammed the pommel in one of the dismounted minions dealing only marginal damage. But this must have made his target very aggravated because he returned the favour by causing three nasty wounds to his attacker. This must have been some kind of wake-up call for Taigh. He stopped fooling around and slashed his opponent with one clean cut. (One down, seven to go)

Don Pepitos started the fight by getting into a stance like a torero, rapier and cape ready for action. Not that the abductors were much more intelligent than bulls, but a behaviour like this could be regarded as an insult. It was most likely meant that way. Don Pepitos avoided the first attack by waving his cape in front of him thus confusing his assailant. In return he stabbed him, thus putting him out of action. (Two down, six to go)

Sebastién was attacked by one of the horsemen. But his weak strike only caused a minor scratch on his right forearm. He repaid this by sparing the man and striking with his knife at the horse instead. This wasn't a nice but very effective thing to do. The physical damage was negligible, but it made the horse rear up, rendering his former rider prone on the ground. With a well-directed strike Sebastién rendered him unconscious saving him for later questioning. (Three down, five to go)

Pjotr focussed on the coach. He ran to it and jumped onto the coach box. He attacked the drivers with his bare hands and little effect. The man riding shotgun attacked him with no luck at all.

The awakened Taigh took one swing at the remaining horseman and removed him from his horse and from the fight. (halftime)

Don Pepitos ran to the coach and jumped into the passenger cabin. This was now crowded with two inquisition minions struggling to hold and bind the major domus and a castille "torero". The latter took care of the minions with two skilled slashes. (Six down, two to go)

Meanwhile the driver spurred the horses and the coach started to move. This met the disapproval of Pjotr. So he relived the driver from his duties by pushing him of the box. He then took a slight hit from the remaining henchman and the reins in his hands. Remembering an "old trick" he had picked up somewhere, he pulled with all his strength at the left rein to stop the coach. Doing it like this wasn't exactly by the book but it did the job. Then he took care of the last man, who was really annoying him with his fruitless attacks. (all clear)

Sebastièn had just mounted one of the available horses to follow the coach, when the skirmish ended. So he dismounted and dragged his prize into the building and bound him to a pillar. The four victors now made sure, the major domus was unharmed and let him go to write the letter.

While he was gone they woke up their prisoner and started questioning him. As expected, he wasn't very cooperative. So Sebastièn started staring at him in a very unnerving way and stepped "accidentally" on his left hand. This made him talk like a waterfall. He told them that the inquisition is also searching for Professor Olivares, but that he didn't know why. Sebastién was not quite convinced that this was true, so he asked him, if he knew how the inquisition questions their prisoners. He said he did. Sebastièn then took his violin case and put in front of him stating, that it starts with the showing of the instruments and that he had brought some of his own. Seeing the panic in his interviewees eyes he opened it in a manner that the content was hidden from the henchman's view. This scared him to death and he swore on everything holy to him, he didn't know anything more. This convinced Sebastién and he shut the case.

The major domus on his return was instructed to keep him in a cellar providing food and water for as long as the money found on the minion would suffice. For the 20 guilders he had in his pocket this could be very long time.

The four companions now decided what would be the best way to travel to San Christobal. After some deliberation taking into account the Montaigne blockade of the Castille ports, they decided to travel along the eastern coastline of occupied Castille.

What will happen on this journey and if they will find Professor Olivares is yet unknown to them ...