24 February 2012

7th Sea: Strange Companions

The year is 1668. We are in San Augustin in south-east Castille and the Montaigne generals are still feeding soldiers into the meat-grinder at La Muralla al Ultimo.
The Montagnier Sebastién Moreaux was sent to the university of San Augustin because the spy network had heard rumors that a strange group of people are looking for professor Olivares. On arrival Sebastién found the university abandoned. Guessing the other people haven't allready been here he sat down in one of the courtyards and waited. To pass the time and because it helps him to think he was playing on his violine.

Around noon two Castillians appeared at the other end of the courtyard. By the looks of it they were a nobleman with his servant. After a short rest the servant began to unpack some tapas and wine for a short lunch. A few moments later another two strangers appeared. The instant Sebastién saw them he knew that they must be the men he was looking for. One was a very corpulent man with a large rucksack. Strapped to it were a lantern, a heavily furred blanket, and other gear obviously used for exploration. The other man was dressed in traditional clothes from the Highland Marshes. Hanging from his back was a large two-handed sword, obviously a claymore.

The explorer addressed the nobleman in Castille with a slight accent which revealed his nationality to be Ussuran. The mode of this conversation was a little strange. The Ussuran spoke with the nobleman in Castillian and relayed this conversation to his companion in Avalonian. After figuring out that this wasn't a very sensible thing to do they agreed to continue their conversation in Vendel, because this was the only language they all could understand. After exchanging the usual platitudes the Ussuran Explorer asked the noble, if he knew where everyone was. At this point the nobleman invited them to join him for his meal. Having noticed that Sebastièn had ceased playing he invited him to.

Over the course of the lunch they introduced themselves to each other and discussed their respective reasons to be at the university. Pjotr Ivanovich and Taigh McLennon were looking for professor Olivares to ask him for his help in interpreting some maps. The noble Don Pepitos and his servant Jorge were just resting in the shades after having concluded a personal matter in San Augustin. Sebastién pretended to have fled from conscription into the Montainge army.

Suddenly they heard a sound from the long gallery above. They called out to the person who was angry with himself to have been discovered. He was the Major Domus of the university tasked to take care of things until the return of the staff - whenever this should be. He explained that all but him were evacuated to San Christobal. This includes professor Olivares. He agreed to provide them with a letter of recommendation for the professor, so they will have no trouble gaining access to him.

Immediately after he was gone inside to write the letter the joined party heard the Major Domus' cry for help. They followed the noise to the outside of the building and saw a delegation of the Vatticine Church abducting the Major Domus. Two were trying to drag him into a coach, another two were sitting on the coach box. They were guarded by four riders, two of whom were dismounted to tie loose a horse that was, seeing his reaction, left there by Don Pepitos.

A fight started which will be depicted in the next post.

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